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Specialising in premium aquaculture, marine and commercial fishing products and services to support industries.

Seamaster offers a comprehensive range of products for the commercial fishing, marine and aquaculture industries, including tuna, salmon, kingfish, oysters, mussels, prawn, rock lobster, longline and dropline fishermen, as well as catering to serious sport and game fishermen, processing factories and the retail sector.

We stock gear tailored to the seasons and for year round operators alike. With a range of store locations and a logistical capability for drop shipment direct from manufacturers, our customers benefit from bulk purchasing power and reliable delivery.

Seamaster offers a complete range of products and services for both marine-based and land-based aquaculture, across finfish, shellfish and high-value species. We also provide consultancy and advisory services to investors, governments and other agencies regarding the design, manufacture and due diligence of aquaculture projects.

In addition to supplying high quality fishing gear and tackle, we work closely with our customers to supply the aquaculture industry with;

  • Fish pens and bird net stands
  • Mooring systems and hardware
  • Rope
  • Rope splicing services
  • Nets
  • Net weights
  • Hooks
  • Boating accessories
  • Floats and lease markers
  • Mortality collectors
  • Safety and PPE equipment
  • Food grade bins, tubs & buckets
  • Bespoke farming solutions
  • All your aquaculture requirements

Our dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable team across Tasmania and South Australia have a cumulative 50 years experience in the fishing and marine industry. Whether it’s splicing rope, making rigs, installing a complete mooring system or giving you the hottest tip on where to find and catch the biggest tuna, you can guarantee the best advice and assistance from a passionate team.