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Seamaster is renowned for supplying top quality rope and cordage across the spectrum of marine, aquaculture and commercial fishing applications.

We are one of Australia’s largest importers of marine rope, with access to a vast variety of products through our relationship with several global rope manufacturers.
Our ropes have been developed directly in consultation with our manufacturers and customers to ensure value, quality and consistency. They are UV-treated to withstand harsh environments.

With materials ranging from polypropylene and polyolefin to dyneema and nylon, Seamaster can provide rope, braids, and cordage to suit your needs. Sizes range from 1mm in netting twine right up to 100mm 8-strand mooring lines. Offered in standard 250m coil length, or most rope can be ordered in a length that suits your requirements.
From commercial fishing and mooring to shipping and general purpose, Seamaster’s high-quality ropes are the best in the business.

Mooring systems and hardware

We carry a large array of mooring components, hardware, and rigging in stainless steel and galvanised mild steel to cover all marine applications.

Sourcing the highest quality chain and hardware for proven reliability for long term use in our oceans. We routinely splice 8-strand and 12-strand ropes for the multitude of mooring and buoy applications.

We also provide consultancy and advisory services to investors, governments and other agencies regarding design, manufacture, and due diligence of aquaculture projects.

With years of experience in the supply and installation of all types of mooring systems, from aquaculture farms to single boat moorings.

We can provide a range of services depending on customers’ needs, including:

  • Supply of raw components only
  • Supply of configured components ready for installation
  • Installation consultancy and advice
  • Full ‘turn key’ installation

Floats and lease markers

We have a variety of boundary markers which are rotomolded to meet Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) requirements. These can be adapted to meet other regulatory needs if required. Rotomolded floats are available in a variety of sizes and shapes for Shellfish and Finfish farmers.

  • 140 and 250 litre mussel floats
  • 600 litre mooring floats, 1200 litre mooring floats & 1500 litre mooring floats
  • Oyster floats,  styro floats & net floats
  • Custom floats for feed hoppers up to 4 tonne floatation
  • 12 inch plastic floats (can also be filled with steel shot/concrete for weights)
  • Marine construction floats jetty floats
  • Poly floats & poly buoys
  • Boat mooring buoys
  • Boat fenders
  • Corner markers & lease markers
  • Cigar buoys
  • St Andrews crosses

Safety & PPE

Your safety comes first, that why we are committed to supplying products to help keep you and your workers safe and reduce the risk of maritime-related hazards.

We offer a vast array of durable, easy-use personal safety products designed to withstand the harshest environments.
Because nothing is more important than getting the job done safely.

Our safety range includes:

  • Lifebuoys
  • EPIRBs
  • Flares
  • Life jackets
  • Rafts
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)


Food grade bins, tubs and buckets

We supply a large range of storage and transport solutions for the seafood, viticulture, agriculture and domestic industries.

We are the premium stockist for PFG manufactured insulated and non-insulated bins. Made in Australia, the bins are built to Australian Food Grade Standard 2070:1,8 and Potable Water Standards AS4020.

Our robust, fully insulated storage, processing and transport bins are perfect for use in finfish and shellfish industries, preferred by Australia’s largest aquaculture companies for almost 15 years.

Bins and lids can be insulated to maintain consistent temperatures, filled with urethane to achieve excellent thermal properties. They are stackable, easy to clean, low-maintenance, UV-stabilised and incredibly durable for use in harsh environments.


Seamaster is proud to partner with Hexcyl Systems to distribute their innovative shellfish farming technology in South Australia and

Hexcyl oyster baskets and Long Line Oyster Farming Systems are designed for the roughest, toughest environments in the world.
FlipFarm is a semi-automated oyster growing system. It provides an ideal environment for oyster growth, conditioning and hardening. It gives farmers complete control over fouling, pests and predators. The system is extremely easy and efficient to use and can be adapted to many growing environments.

Commercial vessels

Manufactured by PFG, our range of durable vessels are constructed to the National Standard for Commercial Vessels from high density polyethylene (HDPE), a material that is incredibly strong, very buoyant and presents a quality smooth finish.

Our workboats draw on PFG’s forty year experience of welding HDPE for commercial marine equipment. We have evolved our HDPE vessels into a tried and proven platform for many applications by utilising Tasmania’s rugged coastline and fierce weather conditions as our testing ground. We offer our clients a carbon footprint twenty percent less than competitors’ materials, a life span several times longer than competitors and almost zero maintenance on the hull. In addition, our workboats provide a smoother ride, reducing long-term fatigue and operator safety risks.

General chandlery

Through our vast supplier network, Seamaster has access to an enormous range of marine chandlery items, boat hardware and fittings to keep your vessel in service and operational. Download our catalogue for a range items that are kept in stock for your convenience. If what you are looking for is not listed, please ask our sales staff and they can source it for you.