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Due to the unique nature of the Aquaculture industry, most farms have specific needs which call for custom solutions from our Seafarm Systems

We work with farmers to custom makes pens to suit individual farmers’ needs. Our experienced staff design, manufacture, and use many different aquaculture systems. Working with you to develop systems that fulfill your individual requirements.

Committing to the success of Aquaculture, Seamaster seek long term relationships with our customers. Cages can be certified to NS9415 if required

Circular fish pens
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Suppling to the fish farming industry both locally and internationally, our pens have been exported to countries around the world.
  • Our circular poly fish pens, range from 30 metres in circumference to  220 metres
  • The durable polyethylene construction is designed to flex with the forces of the sea. This provides a robust platform with easy access but with increased strength to withstand the rigours of high-energy sites
Square fish pens
  • Flotation collars ranging from 250mm to 500mm in diameter
  • Are made from virgin high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE)
  • Robust for difficult environments
Flotation collars

Ranging from 250mm to 500mm in diameter our flotation collars are made from virgin HDPE pipe to withstand harsh conditions.


Stanchions are designed and rotomolded in Australia with a number of different styles available to suit individual sites, species, and operational requirements. Manufactured in HDPE, the stanchions have no continuous seams or joints, increasing their longevity.

These unique stanchions mean we can personalise pen design to include equal or differential flotation, net hooks, bird pole brackets, and other extras to suit our customer’s needs. Our offering also includes steel stanchions, bird pole supports, and mooring points as required.

Bird netting

We provide a wide range of nets in polyester, nylon, brass and composite, sourced from various manufacturers around the world to suit your specific needs. These include smolt, grow out, predator and bird nets.

We can:

  • Supply nets to specifications
  • Help you design your nets
  • Access to nets made of conventional materials such as nylon and polyester in a variety of mesh and ply sizes
  • Suitable for viticulture and stone fruit growers
  • Can supply the net weight hooks; a HDPE rotationally moulded shell, which can be filled with either concrete or a combination of concrete and steel shot. Currently manufactured in a variety of sizes from 50kg to 250kg but able to be customised to individual requirements. Net weights can be provided with associated hardware and ropes for ease of installation
Airfoss – mortality removal unit

We offer airlift solutions for the collection of mortality. Rotationally moulded from high density polyethylene, provides corrosion resistance reduces fouling and can be adapted to fit farm infrastructure, cage nets and local current conditions.

Our mortality removal systems are designed for and tested in extreme conditions at some of the most demanding and exposed fish farms globally.

This creates a healthier environment in sea cages and ensures fast, easy and safe removal of dead fish. It reduces risk of net attacks from predators like seals and sharks and is easy to install and uninstall, without divers and with fish still in the nets.