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We supply rotationally moulded polymer bins, tubs and buckets compliant with both food grade and potable water standards

Food grade bins

Our robust, fully insulated storage, processing and transport bins are perfect for use in finfish and shellfish industries, preferred by Australia’s largest aquaculture companies for almost 15 years.

Bins and lids can be insulated to maintain consistent temperatures, filled with urethane to achieve excellent thermal properties. They are stackable, easy to clean, low-maintenance, UV-stabilised and incredibly durable for use in harsh environments.

Insulated bins
  • Our insulated bins are robust with 6mm PE, insulated with polyurethane foam walls for optimum temperature control.
  • Built for fork truck access and stackable with or without the lid, these bins are suited to a wide range of applications.
  • Personalise yours by choosing from a range of colours, and we’ll mould your company logo and ID number into the bin and lid.
Non-insulated bins

Our non-insulated stackable bins were designed for the food industry but are suited to a wide range of uses.

A cost-effective solution for handling and storing a wide range of materials, the lightweight but rugged design guarantees a long service life in tough manufacturing, engineering and food-handling applications.

Tubs and buckets

If general storage or materials and food handling solutions are what you require, Seamaster is a distributor of PFG, Nally and Viscount products.

New Era tanks

The New Era range of tanks have been designed and built to suit Australian standards and expectations. Our range is extensive from 23 litre fuel tanks to 150 litre water tanks, all produced at PFG in Victoria.

Tanks are rotationally moulded in one piece from UV stabilised polyethylene. They’re light weight and won’t rust.

Fuel tanks are pressure tested to rigid specifications and are explosion proof in the event of a fire.

New Era range of tanks includes:

  • Fuel tanks
  • Petrol tanks
  • Diesel tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Live bait tanks
  • Berley bucks
  • Tank extras