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Seamaster is proud to partner with Hexcyl Systems to distribute their innovative shellfish farming technology in South Australia and Tasmania

Hexcyl oyster baskets and Long Line Oyster Farming Systems are designed for the roughest, toughest environments in the world. FlipFarm is a semi-automated oyster growing system. It provides an ideal environment for oyster growth, conditioning, and hardening. Giving farmers complete control over fouling, pests, and predators, the system is extremely easy and efficient to use and can be adapted to many growing environments.



The FlipFarm system has been tested for 40 years in the New Zealand greenshell mussel industry.
The design permanently attaches baskets to the 24mm polypropylene rope lines, significantly reducing gear loss and damage. Maintenance on gear is almost eliminated.

Keeping it clean

Stock and gear hygiene is one of the most important aspects of top-quality oyster production. FlipFarm’s extremely quick and easy fouling treatment method means there’s no delays in getting the job done.

Labour Saving

FlipFarm enables oysters to be emptied into containers onsite, significantly reducing the time and effort required for farm operations and grading. Containers are refilled at the grader output, ready for relaying back into FlipFarm baskets. This means only they oysters are handled, and growing gear does not need to be transported, emptied, stored and refilled. This reduces the need for a grading and on-water team by up to 60%, meaning grading is as efficient as possible using fewer staff with a wider range of physical ability.

Growth and Conditioning

FlipFarm baskets provide an ideal environment for even growth and conditioning. Oysters cannot get caught in tight corners, and can reposition during basket-flipping or rough weather. Ease of
cleaning the equipment maintains waterflow. This results in much more consistent shell shape and meat condition.

Keeping Your Oysters Safe

An extremely efficient and reliable treatment system  the FlipFarm allows an entire farm to be treated in a few hours. Keeping farming gear much cleaner without extra work reduces or eliminates flatworm and mudworm impact entirely. Unlike other systems, FlipFarm keeps oysters out of reach of predators such as birds and oyster drill sea snails.

Location and Space

Because the gear remains permanently on the lines, there is no need for a large area onshore for grading or spelling gear. Growing equipment is stored on the farm so it is always ready for use. This also provides the opportunity to grade at the farm site with a small barge or purpose-built vessel.