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Safety comes first so we stock all you need to help protect, reduce and eliminate maritime related hazards in the marine and aquaculture industry with our extensive range of PPE and safety equipment

We offer a vast array of personal safety products (PPE) to cope with the harsh elements of mother nature.

We supply:

  • Lifebuoy
  • Life jackets
  • Flares

Required by both commercial and most recreational vessels alike, we recommend and supply the Pains Wessex range of distress signals. All signals, built so SOLAS specifications are designed to work in the freezing temperatures of the Southern Ocean, all the way to the warmth of the tropics – even after being immersed in water.


Life Jackets

An approved life jacket must be provided for each person on your vessel when out on the water. In Tasmania, it is compulsory that you wear your life jacket at all times on any motorboat or motor propelled boat under six metres in length whilst underway. A life jacket is also compulsory for any lightweight craft including kayaks, canoes, paddle boards & yacht tenders.

Life jackets must be made to Australian Standard AS4758.1.


Protective Clothing

Working in the harsh and unpredictable conditions our oceans, you need Personal Protective Equipment that keeps you protected, and allows you to work and fish.

We carry a range of top-quality PPE to keep you safe and in top condition so you can keep fishing.

  • Beanies
  • Eyewear
  • Gloves
  • Boots and Gumboots
  • Waders
  • Wet Weathers
  • Aprons



Aprons are designed for use as fish industry workwear and for commercial use, such as for cleaning and preparing food. Many saltwater fishermen use the apron for preparing their catch.


Suppliers of a range of quality gloves. Seamaster has sourced these gloves keeping in mind the rugged conditions they will be used in, and the dexterity and protection essential for the long working days. Offering quality solutions for protection against the elements. Some of the terms used to describe gloves include a cut rating, out of 5, with 5 being the highest.


We stock both neoprene and shell style waders to suit any application. Both styles of waders have been developed in South Australia and the success of these designs come as a result of many years of trial and error. Made from premium materials, these waders will keep you dry andlet you get on with the reason you are standing in a puddle in the first place.

Wet Weathers

Seamaster is a distributor of Stormline, Kiawaka and Horne’s Aqua wet weather gear. Ranging from heavy duty material for heavy duty work, through to super comfortable light weight trousers and jackets in breathable, stretch fabric.

We recommend that you always wear an approved life jacket, where applicable.